Tom Raffield

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cornwall, UK-based furniture designer and sculptor Tom Raffield creates objects with soul. Using traditional steam bending techniques, Raffield's creations are dually refined and wild, an aesthetic apparently inspired by the "extreme wilderness, tranquility and natural beauty" of Exmoor, England, where he grew up. His pieces are adventurous and surprising, but still respectful to their original forms and energy. In a beautiful video that brings us into his workspace, Raffield shares his philosophy:
"It's not for us just about making a really beautiful product, but it's also about understanding where that product [has] come from; about understanding the process that made that product, the trees that created the wood to make that product. The things we produce can't be mass-produced" (This is Paper).
Welp, I think I'm in love. Watch the video (below) and feel the same, swear.


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