La Mise en Abîme

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oh gosh. This stunningly beautiful installation by Swiss artist Romain Crelier in the Abbey-church of Bellelay in Switzerland is one of those book-a-flight-to-see-it kinds of wonders. Entitled La Mise en Abîme - French for 'placed into the abyss' - the large-scale installation enlivens and makes dynamic its classical venue, highlighting contrasts and varied perspectives.
"...[T]he mesmerising installation comprises two large, extremely precise and impeccably finished receptacles in which vast quantities of used oil are contained. Shaped like giant puddles, the sculptures with their shiny, and lacquer surfaces (thanks to the expressive properties of oil) reflect the surrounding, allowing the viewers to interact with the architecture of the church by being pulled into the reflection so that they, in turn, become part of the sculpture itself" (We Find Wildness).


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