Rinne Allen

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today's weather is simply magical. I woke up at around 8, opened all of the windows in my living room as usual, and woosh! The wind practically blew me over. I've been sweeping up crunchy little leaves and flower petals all day. It's all doing a very good job to help convince me that fall has in fact arrived.

These photos of Athens, Georgia-based artist Rinne Allen's beautiful studio are killing me with their autumnal vibes: baskets of pretty, faded textiles, stacks of feathery porcelain, green leaves atop wooden floors. Enjoy today, wherever you are, whatever the weather.



  1. thanks for sharing this dana!
    didn't know about Rinnie's work.
    her studio is so plant-filled and sincere.
    going to explore her work further now ;)


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