Nina Leen's beach babes

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nina Leen's photos of 1950s-era beach babes would be enough to convince a gal to move to California (where the beach and short shorts are always an option), I think. I love the stripes these girls are rocking so so much. Crop tops too? Yes please. What's more, Leen is a bit of a fascinating subject herself...
"Nobody knows how old the Russian-born photographer Nina Leen was when she died, in 1995. Judging from her obituary, information about Leen is scarce. She lived in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland before moving to the U.S., where she became one of Life magazine’s first female photographers, in the nineteen-forties... Her photos wouldn’t look out of place next to Cindy Sherman’s on a gallery wall. But, unlike Lynch or Sherman, Leen found tension in the real world, and her subjects weren’t actors—they were just everyday people living out their lives" (The New Yorker).


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