Ms. Jeannie Ology

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The sweetest, most thoughtful product photos there ever were, brought to you by Etsy shopowner Ms. Jeannie Ology, the self-described "Vintage Detective." I love that each of these images tell a quiet little story, breathing life into a whole archive of beautiful and aging objects. 
"Ms. Jeannie is in love with story. And that is just what vintage and antique items offer. She loves their coyness, their subtly and their fragrant air of mystery. She loves their solid, sturdy, here I am as I am nature and she loves the way they don't reveal themselves all at once. It's an intricate little dance of research and identification, guesses and knowledge... a series of captivating quandaries that keeps her mind sharp and her heart open. "
Browse heaps more gems here.


  1. These are indeed amazing! They definitely make me ponder narratives!


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