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Friday, August 9, 2013

My good friend Saya is my ogle 'n sigh partner-in-crime. We can spend all day wandering around shops just gushing over everything - a color, a texture, that funny, cute shape of a tumbler that looks like a squat little mushroom. It's really pretty amazing. And if too many people happen to be there to witness one of these ambling romps, they might just think we were a little bit loony (and, well, maybe we are). Saya has one of the most innate eyes for cool, interesting, beautiful things of anyone I know (I present her Pinterest as proof!), and on top of that she is just a wonderful human. Pretty good, right?

So, to kick off what I'm hoping will become a regular feature around these parts (yahoo), here is the lovely Saya's CHARM LIST. Now if you'll excuse me while I go do a happy dance.


01. Iko Iko Space// "My favorite shop in L.A. is Iko Iko on Fairfax Ave. It is a happy little space full of beautiful objects, textiles, greenery and personality. Kristin and Shin, who run the part-gallery, part-retail space together, also head design projects Rowena Sartin (clothing and accessories) and Waka Waka (furniture and utilitarian objects). Both of their lines experiment with proportion and dynamics in subtly playful ways. My favorite everyday bag is the Rowena Sartin clear strap tote bag, and my current material obsession is the Rowena Sartin convertible skirt."

02. David Browne// "I love the unexpected colors and sense of humor in David Browneʼs paintings and photography. I donʼt quite understand how his Echo Park shop, Driftwood, is so mini yet feels so full of treasures."

03. Peter Shire// "The first and only object Iʼve brought to live on my desk at my new office is my lime/yellow/cream/pink Peter Shire mug. It welcomes me when I get to work in the morning and totally brightens my day. His ceramics, sculptures, and furniture all have so much personality."

04. Jo Kami// "I saw Jo Kami at the Space 15 Twenty + Freeways Collide Internation Zine Month event in July and couldn't stop leafing through his photo booklets. His photos convey a beautifully understated force in pairs that are meditatively matched."

05. Tania Enriquez, Fixed-Air// "My friend Tania is a true creative original. Her eye for light, color and soul lives in her photography and design curation and in the metal jewelry she hand-forms, solders and sands. There is a natural clarity to her pieces– a powerful and honest energy. Her wares have been sold under the name “Fixed-Air” at Beautiful Dreamers, Personnel and Weltenbuerger, and can soon be found at Assembly NY!"

06. AXS Folk Technology// "The cuts, dye-processes, footwear, ceramics, even the website for AXS Folk Technology are really next level. There's something about it that is both widely accessible and totally original, and I don't just say that because AXS creative director Kyle Ng is my boyfriend...! Kyle emphasizes a strong narrative in everything he does; his upcoming S/S '14 collection breathes this psychedelic New Mexican desert vibe. One of my favorite pieces is a dark green pant, colored with a dye-process that resembles a blurred and splotchy camo print. I also love the oppresively-hot-sounding record by Akron Family's Miles Seaton inspirited with the collection's tagline, "Staring into the Sun," that accompanies the collection."


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