a very tasty afternoon

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I interviewed the amazing Lani Trock, an L.A.-based photographer, art director (of Bunch Mag), total Instagram whizkid, and all-around lovely spirit, for Refinery29 this summer and I'm still revisiting the story. I learned about the wonders of Korean chili powder, tasted the most delicious vegan pesto dressing ever (it works just as well on pasta as it does on salads and pizza), and had a really silly-amounts nice time. The crazy-talented Jessie Webster of Sweet Thing Blog snapped some truly enchanting photos too. What a lucky and wonderful afternoon it was. Go on, see for yourself.

"I walk the line between feeling like a hippie child and a control freak (especially in the kitchen), but I think the general feeling of living here has helped me find balance in between those two extremes. One of my middle names translates roughly to "feet on the ground but always dreaming." I try to keep this idea with me when tackling days that feel like an uphill battle."
Read the full Refinery29 story for full interview (with pointers on Lani's 3 game-changing ingredients everyone should know about) and recipes right this way! 

top 3 photos: taken by me, from my Instragram.
bottom 3 photos: Jessie Webster for R29.


  1. all these photos are gorgeous, hope you enjoyed your little adventure away from blogging! ox


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