dream living

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thank the heavens, Freunde von Freunden has returned to Los Angeles, welcoming us into the lives and reliably gorgeous living spaces of local creative folk. This recent profile on musician Greg Rogove and artist/actress Diana Garcia is a real beauty. Check Diana's completely awesome Mexican blanket adorned jumpsuit. Killin' it. Speaking about her work, Diana told FvF:
"[The piece] was the transformation of a wolf to a unicorn-leopard with wings. It says ‘be what you dream.’ I believe that we can be whatever we want to, we don’t have to follow stereotypes and get confortable with achieving only a few dreams in life, we can do it all."
In addition to their individual creative pursuits, the couple are set to open a, wait for itcereal stand (called Another Kind of Sunrise) on Abbot Kinney in Los Angeles, and I have to say I am simultaneously rolling my eyes and rubbing my hands together like a small excited child. The eye roll is more in regard to how insanely hip that Venice boulevard is, and less about cereal. I love cereal.


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