Landon Metz (& weekend links)

Friday, August 16, 2013

I came across Landon Metz's work mostly by accident. I was in the midst of re-discovering one of the first bloggers I ever read along with, the dreamy Hannah Metz, and then hello... In addition to some truly evocative, ethereal, snipped-from-a-celuloid-strip magic (Hannah feels like something of a Godard heroine to me!), there was her husband's so-beautiful artwork. I love the softness and the use of color. That trio of half moons is really divine.

ps// required weekend reading + listening:

⌇My main babe Erica Hellerstein penned this hilarious, touching tale of life with frizzy hair for Hello Giggles. Feeling love, finding self-love, realizing unruly ringlets are freaking awesome... It's worth a read.

⌇New Washed Out tunes. So perfect for weekend lounging. Listen to Paracosm and get to relaxing now.

This is a very, very awesome music video from L.A.-based band Incan Abraham. Witchy desert  wasteland wonderful.

⌇What causes people to respond to some tragedies, and not to others? Is it always a good thing, to feel in our hearts for others? A lengthy and fascinating read on human empathy.


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