Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey, 2014. Hey, blog. I ducked under the radar for a bit there, looking to gather my strengths, meaning to post little snippets of where I was and what I was up to, ultimately deciding to leave it be until I found myself ready to get back in there. Here I am. HI WORLD! So ready for ya! I hope the year has been full of treats and sweets and all good things for you so far. It's going to be a goodie, don't you think?

Some required reading to get us back in the thick of things:

⌇Lili Cuzor's amazing, beautiful, spell-binding photos from her and her husband's trip to Iceland. Let's go!

⌇A very long and fascinating piece in The New Yorker about plant 'intelligence' and, more broadly, mankind's shrinking domination here on Planet Earth.

⌇By Heart, a literary influence series from The Atlantic, in which writers share their favorite written passages. I love the concept, but want more.

⌇Learning about the Sensory Ethnography Lab over at Harvard, a department which explores the crossover of ethnographic research and aesthetically driven media. When learning about places and people and things, isn't it best to do so with fully engaged senses?

Spike Jonze's Her is my favorite moviegoing experience of the last year or two, or maybe even three. Shockingly tender, wonderfully intimate, and truly poignant as far as exploring how we understand, rationalize, and define our own humanity and relationships with love. See it. I've been twice already.


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