Michael Lundgren

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Michael Lundgren's series After the Fall is quiet and eery, it's colors pristinely monochromatic or awash in an alien palette of pastels rarely found in our natural world. Paper Journal offers analysis of Lundgren's unique ruminations on landscape:
"Lundgren conjures into being a landscape that is suggestive of a moment before the advent of human civilisation or in the aftermath of its fall, save for what we assume to be a solitary, impersonal observer; these are most emphatically not human landscapes, or at least have not been cast in such a fashion. Rather they are necessarily conceived of in terms of a fundamental human absence" (Paper Journal).
Today, while a wind-whipped wildfire rages in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, its dusty pink clouds thickening over the freeways, a sooty grayscale settling over the ocean, these photos carry a kind of poignance. Our earth is fragile, and powerful. And tremendously beautiful, in both forms.


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