Monday, December 30, 2013

The internet is a curious and fascinating place. My friend (and photographer!) Laura Paul stumbled onto the Instagram account of this rad bag company L R N C E, and passed it along to me. Many swoons ensued, but it's proven silly difficult to track these beauts down online in any actionable way. 

I reached out to Belgium-based Laurence Leenaert and learned she is in the middle of an internship with BLESS, and about to start another with Stine Goya. Her bags are inspired by voodoo and religious iconography.  Laurence told me a bit more about it:
The textiles are woven fabrics with prints I've made based on signs from cults and African tribes. All the other fabrics are self-coloured. I like to experiment with materials that are not intended for clothing... Every piece is unique and there is only one of it - I think it's important for my product that it is exclusive.
TenOverSix, Opening Ceremony, Ooga Booga, you listening? Get these babes alongside your amazing merch already. The gold foil! And the squiggly cool designs! Major love.


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