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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I met Aussie-babe Kat George about three years ago when I was still living in New York interning with Refinery29. She had just moved to the States from London, and it did not take long for me to form a serious friend crush. Me and a few other interns thought she was just the coolest. And well, she is. GOOD THING, GEORGE. And because Kat is the best, she started organizing weekly intern hangs, and when I packed up my bags for California, we swapped those for Memorial Day Weekend jaunts to Vegas and Palm Springs instead (let's never stop). Kat is one of the most inspiring people I know - she holds a graduate degree in law, is a prolific writer (Thought Catalog, Vice, XOJane, and on and on), is the creator of a new webseries called The Big Gulp, and is the author of Pink Bits, a book that explores bein' a lady in these modern times, sexuality, and more. She also has zero ego, is unapologetic about her girlier proclivities, and is endlessly generous with her good advice and encouragement. She is a friend I feel so stupid lucky to have.

And now, for Kat's CHARM LIST, full of all things fierce and feminine, jus' like the woman herself. Enjoy!

01. Eyeballs // "Maybe it's because I'm Greek that I'm naturally attracted to the whole evil eye thing, but I'm sort of obsessed with eyes right now. This tee combines stripes with eyeballs.... I might need it."

02. Vagina Art // "I have wanted this piece of art ('The Female Anatomy Drawn Entirely from Memory' by Zacq Rosen) for my bathroom for so long. I think it's a really beautiful and interesting interpretation of the female anatomy. A solid symbol for the whizz palace."

03. The Color Pink // "Pink is my favorite color. Sometimes people say things to me like "That's an awful lot of pink shit you have there." And they're right--my purse, sunglasses case, pouch for cosmetics, ear buds--if they make it in pink I own it in pink. I am a 28 year old woman and not ashamed that I love the color of princesses."

04. Leopard Print // "Caitlin Moran, one of my favorite feminists, says leopard print is a neutral, and I subscribe, somewhat zealously, to the same school of thought. Leopard print EVERYTHING, please."

05. Black Ankle Boots // "It's insanely cold in NYC and that means toes need to be toasty, and I want to spend all my dollars on cute boots. Boots on boots on boots. And then some."

06. Surfboard Crewneck Sweatshirt // "BeyoncĂ©. Grindin' on dat wood."


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