Paul Wackers

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I love the organized clutter of these paintings by San Francisco-based Paul Wackers. Each feels charged with so much energy and color and interest, exploring spaces that are both sharply reminiscent of the things we see around us each day and also whimsical and dreamlike. Wackers explains:
"Images surround me as abstract concepts, presented by the curious interaction of forms, feelings, and situations. They offer a glimpse into the way the world is constantly being reloaded with opportunities and options for reinterpretations and impressions... In my paintings I try to create the feeling of getting lost in the thoughts that are easily ignored or put aside. Many of my paintings will come from moments seen in films or articles read in the newspaper or simply from a walk down the street. The images tend to be of non-places where the specifics of them are not important but how the elements within the picture interact as parts of another world that is sometimes jarringly familiar to our own. It might be seconds away from becoming reality or lifetimes in the past as a fleeting memory."


  1. dana! thank you so much for sharing. i wasn't familiar with paul wackers work and i like it so much. i like his quote a lot too, about the everyday, almost mundane that comes and goes and just what would it look like if we put all those moments together into 1 piece. thank you ;)

  2. oh yeah but i live in new york these days.


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