jimmy marble (& happy weekend)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Friday, ya'll. Sorry for the slight radio silence over here this week - work & less pleasant responsibilities have been lurking. This week I had to give in a bit. Lots of good stuff and plenty in the works for this here space thooough! Yah-oo.

In other news, sometimes, Los Angeles is just plain cool. I was buying jeans at Madewell and Amanda aka @hokaytokay and Jimmy aka @jimmymarble were hangin' out hosting a fun little event. They were the sweetest humans. So down to earth. And then, as you might do once putting a face and a smile to a killer Instagram account, I dove back into their impressive, inspiring work that despite having already been familiar with, revealed itself as completely cosmically awesome to me all over again. The best. I thought I'd post some of my favorite photos Jimmy's taken recently and the 2012 video that killed me when I first saw it, as well as direct you to his shop where you can buy the charming "BE COOL BABY" and "FEAR IS FOR JERKS" banners you've maybe seen around the neighborhood.

Be more like Amanda and Jimmy & fill your days with fearlessness and colorcolorcolor! this weekend. 


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