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Friday, November 8, 2013

I love websites that visit with creative people in their homes and work spaces. Some of my favorite daily visits are of this ilk - the gorgeous and ever-inspiring Freunde von Freunden, the amazing Closet Visit (which I still cross my fingers will return before too long), The Selby back in the day, Austin-based Rad Lady, and now a new one to add to the list, Boots & Pine. Arden Wray's (um, best name ever?) project began in Toronto, but has recently taken her to New York state, from Manhattan to Brooklyn to the Catskills Mountains. I love the people she has featured so far - so many creative people whose work I admire! - and I can't wait to keep up and see who's next.

Required weekend reading:

A lovely piece in the Paris Review reflecting on one woman's findings from within the pages of the books lining her shelves.

An extensive discussion exploring art as therapy, and the psychological functions of art.

A successful-by-all-Western-standards father muses on his desire to retire as his 20-something musician son.

Japanese artist Tokujin Yoshioka exposed a block of crystal to 6 months worth of Tchaikovsky’s ballet, Swan Lake. The tonal vibrations of the piece helped form the structure of the crystals. Beautiful and fascinating.


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