dusen dusen spring 2014

Monday, October 7, 2013

Dusen Dusen, killing it always. Their graphic prints make me think of my favorite grade school pencil case, in only the best of ways. Subtly 80s, kind of Kindergarten-art-teacher, so cool and refreshing. Spring '14 is going to be all about squiggles and crayon-box primary colors, let it be known...

edit: I've since learned that the collection was inspired by the Kinetic art movement in the 1980s - a period of art concerned with perception, movement and motion, and three-dimensional space and sculpture. Into it.


  1. I am also so into it. Love dusendusen - i bought their fruit dress last year and wore that thing out. xx Alecia likesof.us

    1. that fruit dress was magic. I wanted it so badly! thanks for reading Alecia! your site is beaautiful. x

  2. These are magical! I love them.


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