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Friday, February 7, 2014

Editing down a big 'ol pile of amazing images is not my blogging strongpoint - I have a hard time choosing favorites between a batch that are all so freaking wonderful. I want to share them all! So, if you'll excuse me... I'm coming up against this short-falling of mine with the so-good portfolio of Portland, OR-based Eric Trine (discovered on Instagram!), an "object based studio artist and designer," or, as he offers more simply, a maker of things. On his website, Trine situates his work with a question I quite like: "What if Charles Eames, Buckminster Fuller, and Sam Maloof were surfing buddies?" What indeed. I love his woven leather chairs so much it hurts. One day, one day.

ps/ I'm enjoying sharing colorful bits with you each Friday in the hopes of getting you excited for the weekend... maybe I'll make it a tradition!? Happy Friday!


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