Sunday, June 16, 2013

[originally published on Summer Teeth on September 28, 2012]

Oh, this is a goodie. Creatures of Comfort is an ultimate shop crush for me - they always get it just right. Personally, I'd pass on the trainers-with-everythang motto we see here in this spring '12 lookbook - but I can appreciate the effect they have. Love the image pairings so much. Palm frond and flouro pineapple + killer outfits. Oh, yes.

creaturescomfortss12 1creaturescomfortss12 2creaturescomfortss12 3creaturescomfortss12 4creaturescomfortss125creaturescomfortss12 6creaturescomfortss12 7
creaturescomfortss12 8creaturescomfortss12 9creaturescomfortss12 10creaturescomfortss12 11creaturescomfortss12 12


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